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Drink your cocoa like a mofo!

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For the month of December, when you purchase a gift certificate of $100 or more, receive a limited edition Redbird Coffee Mug. Free. While supplies last. 

2nd Anniversary Party 2015


Well, the Monster Mash was a hit! This years theme was ghosts, and there were plenty. There was Space Ghost, Ghost Dog, Enid from Ghost World, Ghost brides, Ghost Artists, Ghost Pirates, and even Pacman chased around some 8 bit ghosts. Not to mention all the other great costumes that showed up. 

This year it was invite only, and that seemed to work out well. We ended up with a final count of about 60, ghouls, ghosts, zombies and the like. Unfortunately, we couldn't convince Floyd's to give us a Saturday, which definitely had an adverse effect on attendance. We know; Friday is just a tough night to get people outta the house. Next year? Definitely a Saturday.

And speaking of Floyd's, those guys did a great job. Mo and his crew really came through for us. Especially Andrew, who helped set the whole event up. He even concocted a great list of spooky drink specials, that apparently did really well. Especially the Ecto Cooler. We can't tell you what was in it, but it tasted great, got you buzzed, and was bright ectoplasmic green. Thanks Andrew!

All in all it was a blast. If you'd like to check out some pictures from the evening, follow the link below to our Facebook Album. If you'd like to come next year, become a client, our friend, or both. 

Monster Mash Photos


A Breast Cancer Survivor gets a fresh start from Jesse.

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 Like most straight men, we like boobs. What we don't like is, when bad things happen to them. It especially bothers us, when it's the biggest and baddest of them all; Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer is a real asshole! Everyday, it seems, we're talking with fighters, survivors, friends, and family. People who have all been affected by this disease. Scarred by it. 

 Any survivor of Breast Cancer will carry scars. Some minor, some emotional, and sometimes, when all else has failed, severe. A Mastectomy is the removal of a woman's breast or breasts, in an effort to completely elimate cancerous tissue from the body. In this procedure, there is no way to not leave things a mess. It deeply scars the skin, and can rob a woman of something that defines her, as her. A woman. As big hearted dopes, we can't fully understand what that means.As tattooers though, we know when someone feels good about themselves. Jesse has learned a way he can give a survivor that feeling again.

 Nipple Re-pigmentation, is the process of replacing the nipple by means of tattoo. It is the last step in giving a woman her ladies back. Above is the most recent project by Jesse. This woman had a double Mastectomy and breast reconstruction, including implants. However, as you can see, she was left without the areola. The icing on the ole booby cake. A small detail, that left her feeling... "fake" and "incomplete". By tattooing them, Jesse managed to not only give her her nipples back, but also an amount of Self, that she hadn't had since the surgery. She said she now feels "Right" again. Hell yes!

 To all you Fighters out. We stand with you.   


We've officially entered our terrible twos!

Happy Birthday to us! Today marks our two year anniversary. Thats right. TWO! Two years of grindin' and whinin'. Hah.

We want to thank everyone who has walked through our doors, and got us here. You're support and loyalty keeps us motivated and going, and we couldn't do it without you. Seriously. Thank you. We know you have a choice. Thanks for making the right one. wink. 

Our Birthday wish? We wish that we would get to tattoo even more of you. Simple as that. Tattooing is our life and our passion. Nothing could make us happier. Except for maybe a Porsche 911, emblazoned with the Red Claw. You know. If you wanna get us something. 

Love to you all. 

Our Bathroom looks like a White Stripes album cover.

Tattoo Shop, Bathroom,

Perhaps you've seen it. We finally remodeled the bathroom. You no longer have to pee in the late 80's. We pulled up the old floor, laid down a new one, and gave the place a paint job. Looking at the finished product, we wonder why we didn't do it sooner. Sit and stay a while. We're no longer embarrassed by the water closet.