Brian Michael McCormic

Brian McCormic

Shop Owner, Tattoo Artist
Years Tattooing: 13

Brian Michael McCormic has been tattooing since 2002 and has worked in Springfield, Chicago, St. Louis, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. He returned to Springfield in 2012 to call the city his home and open a tattoo parlor that was at the same time classic and forward thinking. He personally focuses his work in traditional ideals of longevity, with an eye toward modern design and imagery.

Bear, Chief, Native American, Neotraditional tattoo, animals
Compass rose, tattoo, arm
Chicago blackhawks, Neo-traditional, Native American, tattoo
Gay pride, tornado, midwest, we're not in Kansas anymore
dead moon, shoulder tattoo, skull, rock n roll
Skull and crossed bones, dagger, cut through, tattoo, on inner forearm.
Chicago Blackhawks logo tattoo on finger. Full color.
Traditional, Anchor, Tattoo, Black and Gray, Lettering
Abe Lincoln, black and gray, illustrative portrait tattoo
Gypsy lady pinup on calf.
American Traditional Honda 1. Japanese motorcycle pride tattoo on forearm.
Neo-traditional Gypsy hand with Ouija planchette
Red winged blackbird tattoo on shoulder.
Neo-Traditional Flamenco dancer on arm
Memorial lure tattoo for Dad
Drag queen corn cob tattoo on forearm
Neo-traditional, owl, skull, rose, cover-up on forearm
Young velociraptor tattoo on calf
Donut tattoo on foot
Tini fender bass tattoo