Clean Commitment

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At Redbird, the health of our clients and staff has always, and will always be our top priority.

This is a collection of just a few of the products we use DAILY, to prevent the spread of germs. Everything from antibacterial soap, to bleach, to laboratory grade disinfectants. We follow the CDC’s precautions for prevention of disease and infection transmission; which includes everything from proper hand washing and hygiene to surface disinfection. Besides the actual areas where we tattoo, all common surfaces are regularly wiped down and hand soap and sanitizer are available for use to all clients.

The point? We keep the place clean, and if you get sick, it won’t be because you visited us. That said, we need your help to hold that promise. If you are feeling sick, or you are around sick people, please do not come to the shop. We love you, and we want to tattoo you, but no one wins if we all get sick. Tattoos don’t even heal well when you’re ill. So lets all stay heathy and wait until you are feeling better.To that end, we are relaxing our deposit policy for the time being to accommodate those that need to reschedule due to illness.

Stay happy. Stay healthy.

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