The Downhome Music Fest was a blast.

Downhome Music Fest, springfield, illinois

Well, the DOWNHOME Music Fest  was...excellent! We'd take that, over the fair, anyday. We saw some great local bands like, Our Lady, and, Ragna Rye. Not to mention a GGesque stage show by Diaper Rash. Which, by the way, had to be the best performance of the night. Ya know, if you're into that sort of thing. Which we are.

As for the beer? It was good too. Its awesome to see all this craft beer FINALLY getting to Springfield. Our personal favorite had to be the Pinner by Oscar Blues. Its just a chill, chill, IPA. Their Dales is killer too. We also tried a brewery out of Peoria, IL called Peoria Brewing Company. Pretty solid. We may just plan a shop field trip to the Brewery. Ancient Proverb: "It is good to be good with a man who makes beer". 

We also had the chance to meet and hang with a lot of cool people. Some of them more intoxicated than others, but all of them in a great mood. Hopefully they'll remember that we talked about that tattoo idea, and that we talked them out of the bad parts. Note to self: Bring more business cards next time. 

All in all, the festival was a great time. Springfield's music scene has never been better, and the beer is catching up. The food wasn't too bad either. Shout out to The Gyro Stop

See ya next time.

Downhome music festival