Our Bathroom looks like a White Stripes album cover.

Tattoo Shop, Bathroom,

Perhaps you've seen it. We finally remodeled the bathroom. You no longer have to pee in the late 80's. We pulled up the old floor, laid down a new one, and gave the place a paint job. Looking at the finished product, we wonder why we didn't do it sooner. Sit and stay a while. We're no longer embarrassed by the water closet. 

2014 Remodel (Update)

It's time to spruce the place up! We will be closed Aug. 11-14, so that we can make a few changes. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @redbirdelectric to get a sneak preview of the happenings


Heads up! It's remodel time! We're gonna be changing a few things around the shop, during the week of the fair. Keep a look out. We'll be posting exact closed dates as soon as we get an idea on how long it will all take.