Matthew Forkenbrock, Mattfork, Tattoos

Years tattooing: 2+

Saying Matt is a family man, is an understatement. He has the soul of a dad, and the heart of a child. Except, when it comes to tattooing. Then it's all business. He is a hardworking, and motivated tattooer, who enjoys  Traditional, and Neo-traditional styles of tattooing, and uses nostalgic imagery from the 80's and 90's as inspiration. When he is not tattooing, he chills with the Fam, watches his beloved Pittsburgh Penguins slice the ice, and collects toys. Lots, and lots, and LOTS of toys. We told you he was just a big kid. 


Rib Tattoo, Sunflower,
Shark and Diver, Bicep tattoo
Fallout, Video Game, Tattoo
Blue, Elephant, Tattoo
Red Rose, Sketch
Black and Gray, Roses, Shoulder tattoo
Dates one the arm, couples tattoo
Traditional Tattoo, Mandala
Jackalope Tattoo, Neo-traditional, color
Old tattoo, redo
old tattoo, redo, finished
Black and Gray, Pocket watch, and Cross, on the Forearm
Skull, moth, black and Gray
Mustache, tooth, thumb tattoo
Lazer Rabbit, and UFOs
Trippy, forearm tattoo
New Skool, Octopus,
Koi and Line work, by Matt Forkenbrock
underwater scene,
Shoulder, Rose, Tattoo, Black and Gray