Ernie Norris

Ernie Norris, tattoo artist, Springfield, Illinois, 217

Tattooing since: 2016

Ernie is new to tattooing, but has proven himself as a solid tattooer, and an all around good guy. He enjoys doing American Traditional, watching the Chicago Blackhawks, and long walks on the beach. 

Sunflower, Tattoo, colors, Bright, bold, flower
eagle, snake, traditional
skull, dinosaur
shark, aquatic, fish are friends
dragon, mythical, rad
pigs is pigs, sailor jerry, makin bacon
skeleton, hand, rose
skateboard, skateboarder
cross, rosary
roses, bold
fish, bass, fisherman tattoo
bat, himalayan white bat
snake, dagger, stay salty
treasure chest, straight edge
cardinals, bird house
fish hook, heartbeat
script, helicopter
eagle, blackwork
cherry blossom